The Farm


The company, with organic production, covers about 70 hectares, 30 of which are arable, 20 of forest and 20 of pasture. The arable crops are divided into alfalfa and barley, necessary for the feeding of farm livestock.

The pasture


The high altitude pasture (1000 meters) in the Monte Montiego area is a natural pasture with the typical herbs of the mountains of the Umbrian Marche Apennines, essential for summer livestock grazing.

Cattle breeding


The breeding is made up of Marches cattle, registered in the stud book and cattle of red maculata breed, for a total of 50 animals.
The cattle for the six winter months remain in the stable fed with farm fodder and the remaining six months is taken to the pastures in the pastures.

The meats

The type of totally organic and genuine nutrition makes the meat a little ‘more red and tasty but still tender and tasty, a special feature of our breeding.
The company also includes the breeding of 40 heads of sheep and some pork, from which they then produce typical products such as ham, loin, salami, sausages etc.