Typical Products

All the animals that we breed are fed natural foods that we produce in our farm (hay, straw and grain).

Within the company we have a laboratory equipped for meat processing.
The beef is cut and prepared in packs of 10 kg (family pack) 5 kg of which are first cut (steaks and chops) and 5 kg of the second cut (soup, stew and ground). The various cuts in the package family are divided and packed in special containers ready for use.

With pork meat are prepared using traditional methods and without any kind of additives and preservatives: Sausages (fresh and seasoned), Salami, Lonze, Lonzini, Prosciutto bacon etc.

The sheep meat is sold half-carcasses, however all sectioned and prepared in special trays.

The products of our land can be found within the company for sale to customers.