Agriturismo Calicozzo

Come discover our organic products in the store!

Agriturismo Cà Licozzo offers you a range of artisanal products that celebrate the richness of the land.
The meats and cold cuts we offer, come from animals raised and fed on natural foods that we produce directly on our farm.
The cheeses, are made from fresh, wholesome milk.
The jams, are prepared with fruits from the surrounding countryside, delighting the palate with authenticity and sweetness.
Pasta as homemade, with wheat produced on our farm, transports guests on a culinary journey through traditional cuisine.
Truffles, the result of passionate research in the surrounding woods, become the centerpiece, enriching each dish with their unique aroma.
Every product from Cà Licozzo is a hymn to the quality, sustainability and authenticity of the Italian countryside.